You are all set to start playing the new game but the Xbox Won’t Turn On. Well, you no need to ruffle yourself. Here you will get all the possible reasons that may cause this issue and the possible solutions that you can try to fix your Xbox console problem.

But before starting with the solution, it will be wise to know the reasons. A better understanding of the problem will give you inside. So that you can resolve the issue without putting much pressure.

Xbox won't turn on

What could be the possible reasons that may be causing the issue? First of all, you need to check the power supply.

If its a problem with the power supply process to your Xbox console then you will face this issue. Sometimes, Xbox Won’t Turn On After Update in that case you have to troubleshoot the problem. Sometimes if your device is not updated then you may face this issue.

If you already checked these factors then now its time to get back to the solution part.


How to Resolve Xbox Won’t Turn On Issue?

To identify the possible reasons that causing the issue its good to start with the very basics so that you can keep a track on that and resolve the issue.

Xbox won't Turn On

Recheck The Power Supply

If you already checked the power supply option to be exact about the fact lets check it once again. If everything appears to be good yet the Xbox is not turning on then you need to reset the power supply.

Don’t be worried thinking about the fact that who to reset. Here is the way you can do it.

Now, you need to unplug the power cable from both the console and the wall socket. Then leave it unplugged for at least 10 seconds so that it can reset automatically.

10 seconds is the universal time for all the technical products to reset automatically so you can try that. After that try plugging in the power cable and check the LED indicator.

If it doesn’t work then try the next step

Freeze in Power Saving Mood

If you see the steady orange light on the console that means your console is all set to start. But sometimes it is not enough. You console may need an additional power supply to get into the functioning mood.

In order to do that, unplug the power cable from the brick only and then connect the power cable to the console.

But, don’t enter the jack whole way only put the halfway into the jack until to heard a cracking sound from the device.

Xbox won't turn on

Then you will see the LED light is going orange to white move it a little further. Now, try powering on the console.

I hope you will not face any issue now. If you are still facing this issue try the other steps

Check the Power Cable

If you followed the above step then it means you tried everything to start your Xbox. However, Xbox Won’t Turn On At all then it might be because of the fact that the power cable or the brick is at fault.

In order to find out that try to plug in the power cable in a different wall socket if it works then it a problem with the socket.

If it still not working then it’s a clear indication that its a problem with the power cable. replacing the one with the new one will do the trick.

Replace the power cable or the brick and then connect I hope you will not face Xbox won’t Turn On issue anymore.

Overheating Issues

Another reason could be causing this issue. If you running the Xbox for a long time then it may be drastically overheated for that reason your Xbox Won’t Stay on.

Leave it for some time in a cold place to cool down automatically. The fans may not be working properly ion that case moves the console into a cold place.

Xbox won't Turn On

Further, try not to put any book or cloths around so that it can release the generating heat.

Once the console is cool downed then you can plug in. This time you will not face any problem if it is an overheating problem.

Here are all the possible tricks you can try to resolve Xbox Won’t Turn On issue. I hope these fixes work well for you. If the problem still persists then its time to consult a technical professional to resolve the issue for you.

You have the option to get it done by one of the best technical Support reach us at our Xbox Support  or visit our website for Online Chat help. We will resolve the issue for you.

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