If your Xbox Won’t Connect To WiFi network, then it’s a serious problem. But, something that is common with other Xbox users too. When you face this issue you can’t be able to connect with other friends. It a serious issue, that need a proper care so I am here to talk about the situation.

But, before going to direct solution part it will be wise to deeply the understand the possible reasons that causing the issue.

There might be various reasons for this. In order to find out the exact reason, let’s start at the very beginning.

Xbox won't connect to WiFi

If anytime you are facing issues connecting to the wifi network, what could be the possible reason? Well to be sure about it lets check for the internet connections.

Whether you have a properly running internet connection or not. Then the router you are trying to connect with if it’s running properly.

If you find everything is going well then this time you need to check the network setting on your Xbox Console.

Still facing issues with the connecting Xbox not connecting to Wifi network.

Let’s start with the solution part


How to Fix Xbox Won’t Connect to WiFi Error?

You can try these fixes to resolve the issue by yourself. It nothing impossible you can fix this issue by simply following the steps.

But, if you are not a tech-savvy person then I would suggest that you should seek a professional help. You can try our Xbox Tech Support service at +1-888-446-7818 to resolve the issue.

Xbox Won't connect to Wifi

Without further ado, let’s start with the solutions:

Wifi Setting is Not Matching

It a common issue most of the users face while trying to connect the Xbox to a wireless connection. The most probable reason is password mismatch.

Verify the password and then reenter the password set with the router.

Make sure that the password is entered correctly as a matter of fact these passwords are case-sensitive.

If you ensure that the password is correctly entered still facing the issue.

Then it might be a case of miss wireless configuration. Often Xbox refuses to connect to the wifi network. This mostly happens when your router is set to WAP2 Connection.

Temporarily turn off the Wifi encryption this will verify the fact. Then change the setting and try to connect to the network.

Still facing Issue, keep on reading

Wifi Range Issues

Sometimes if the router is placed in a place where connecting to the Xbox Console become difficult. It may be because of the range if the router is far away from console try to shift the console to a near place.

It will increase the range of the connection. Furthermore, you can also buy a range extender to get a proper signal.

I hope this time you will not face any XboxWon’tconnect to wifi network issue. If not working go to the next step

Network Conflict

If you have an open network setup in your home. And the router is connected to the other wireless devices then it will create a problem.

Check if the network is shared with other devices. If more then two or three devices are connected to the network then disconnect the network.

Also, try to add a strong password if not done yet. Furthermore, if the connection is getting interrupted then it will create some problem connecting to the wifi network.

Poor Quality Connection

If you are using a low-speed connection then it will happen. Xbox has a connection speed required for online gaming or going live.

If the required criteria do not match then it will constantly block the connection or drop when you are connected.

To avoid this you can try speeding up the network connection.  Sometimes changing the network provider can help you to resolve the issue.

Or you can try updating the internet connection it will sort the problem. So in order to check that try to connect to the strong network if available and you will get the result.

If the problem with the internet connection then it will resolve the issue. If the problem persists and still Xbox won’t connect with WiFi, then it means its a problem with the software or the hardware.

So, you need to connect with the professionals they can help you resolve the issue from the scratch.

Contact Xbox Support or visit our website for Online Chat help anytime. We are available 24×7.


To Conclude

So, these are the possible fixes that you can try. I hope it will work for you as it did in my case.

Xbox Won't connect to Wifi

But, if you still unable to connect to your wifi connection then you should consult a professional help.

You can connect with our in-house Xbox Support technical helpdesk to resolve Xbox won’t Connect to Wifi network or any other Xbox Issues.


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